AR Equipment 12 and 24v scrap magnets

AR Equipments own model 12 and 24v magnets are a revolution in scrap metal and demolition magnet handling. Previous generation hydraulic units were unreliable, fixed to one machine and inherently difficult to service and repair.

The 12 and 24v magnets run of the machines battery through a simple control box. These can be moved from machine to machine with ease and make 80% of the power of conventional 230v hydraulic systems for around half the price.

These are economical, reliable and efficient and something we are most proud of and happy to explain and even give a demonstration on.

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• No Generator to buy or maintain
• Low Cost to Buy and Own.

Yellow electro magnet lifting up some scrap metal

• Simpler & More Reliable Mag Control System
• No generator needed – magnet system runs off the 12 or 24 volt battery of vehicle
• The magnet comes with the control box, controller & cables
• Most cost effective magnet built – Inexpensive to buy & maintain
• Installation is Very Simple

ARE 3212V or 24V40480kg150-200kg1200kg75%
ARE 3612V or 24V40720kg200-300kg1800kg75%
ARE 4012V or 24V50920kg250-350kg2300kg75%